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Office Administrator & HR



Hi there! I’m Alex. My journey spans psychology, tourism, and tech. Now, HR head at SpringTech, I champion an inclusive culture. My Tourist Guide past? It influences my diverse team approach, amplifies creativity, and drives innovation. Quick tip: Google “Hoia Baciu Forest”.

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Founder & CTO



Greetings! At SpringTech, I’m the founder and CTO. Enthusiastic about web UI animations and blending tech with learning. Committed to mentoring tech minds and harnessing nature for inventive ideas. Dive into code, explore, and stretch tech’s potential at SpringTech!

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Full Stack Developer



Hey, stranger! I’m a full-stack developer with a deep-seated passion for frontend development. Driven by challenges and invigorated by football, the outdoors, and gaming for both relaxation and wonder. I live by Norman Vaughan’s words, “Dream big, dare to fail,” constantly pushing boundaries towards excellence in every project I undertake.

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Full Stack Developer



Hello friends, I’m in my 2-year journey of FullStack dev, Backend pro, Frontend animation enthusiast. My favorite quote is “The hardest choices require the strongest wills.” Fun Fact: Hand me any type of pasta and I promise to cook you something that’ll make you want seconds!

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Full Stack Developer



Hey, friend! I’m the FullStack maestro at SpringTech. Weaving code while journeying through global landscapes. Racing through code streams and vast terrains. Fun Fact about me: I’m really good at gardening.

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Marketing Specialist & Technical Writer



Hiya! I’m Diana and I’m the marketing specialist and tech writer from SpringTech. My day is built from 3 essential elements: creativity, lots of writing and lots of coffee so… Dream big, laugh hard and let’s create marketing magic together!

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Empowering businesses by delivering robust and scalable digital solutions, propelling them to achieve sustainable growth and excellence. We are dedicated to develop state-of-the-art web technologies and services that create value and competitive advantage for our clients around the globe.



Becoming a globally recognized digital solutions provider that consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation, redefines industry standards, and contributes to the sustainable success of our clients. We envision a future where technology is accessible and results-driven, powering businesses to reach their full potential.



Pursuit of Excellence & Innovation : We thrive on delivering superior quality in every service while fostering a culture of innovation, enabling us to consistently redefine industry standards and provide leading-edge solutions to our clients.

Integrity & Client-Centricity : Upholding honesty and fairness in all interactions, we place our clients at the heart of our operations, understanding their unique needs and striving to exceed expectations.

Adaptability, Teamwork & Sustainability: In an ever-evolving digital landscape, we value adaptability, collaboration, and sustainability. We aim to navigate change with resilience, promote a cooperative environment, and work towards solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

Our story

A journey through code and beyond


Just Getting Started

The SpringTech story kicked off in a snug little apartment in Cluj Napoca. It was just a handful of us then, pouring our hearts into modernizing big enterprise apps, rethinking educational platforms, and crafting super-cool websites sprinkled with flashy UI animations. Exciting times, they were!


Our First Big Move

The day we moved into our first real office, wow, that was a game-changer! This change gave us room to grow, literally and figuratively. We began to dream bigger, plan our future, and even started our very first internship program. The projects kept rolling in—web apps, mobile apps, animations, you name it—and our team grew to a robust 15. We were no longer just a local name; we started collaborating with clients from Germany to Hong Kong, and many places in between.


Hitting Our Stride

Our early days were about making the web a prettier place with our interactive designs. But as we evolved, we dove deep into the universe of web application development, working on everything from travel platforms to video production sites. Oh, and did we mention we learned to juggle different time zones, client requirements, and even began setting up automatic CI/CD? Meanwhile, we started cooking up something of our own—a tool to help fellow software engineers learn and grow, and for startups to find their perfect tech match.


Springing Ahead

Now, here we are, SpringTech in 2023, continuing our adventure and working on some seriously cool projects. We’re investing a lot of our energy into building our educational product. But you know what’s really fueling us? Our team. We’ve got this killer spirit—full of energy, fun, and passion—and we couldn’t be more excited to launch our product.

Some of our great partners

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