Oxygen Pillow

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A beautiful website for a premium pillow

We wanted to build a website as comfortable to use as the pillows themselves. With this simple, straightforward experience, we give the user the ability to learn about the product, as well as find their perfect pillow size. The pillow interested us because it provides a more personalized pillow, fitted to each person's unique sleep needs.
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Ultra-responsive experiences

This project was built with a fully responsive layout and the experience is elegant on any device. We prioritized have an effortless navigation and checkout experience for the user. The site is completely optimized for the client and the customer.
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A fictionless shopping experience

The client wanted to have a fun way to help users find the best pillow for their needs. Our solution: we developed a short quiz that helps you find the exact pillow that matches your requirements. After taking the quiz, the recommended pillow is added to the user's shopping cart. The quiz resulted in positive feedback from users and we saw sales increase after implementation.

Simple & smooth interfaces

We believe in building products that are innovative and delightful, while also being simple and clear. For O2Pillow, we created an interface that was easy to understand, and we added animations that play off of the elegance of the product. By following this process we ended up with an incredibly appropriate application that is clear, familiar, and targeted to our audience.

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