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Understanding users

Great design is about empathy for the users. Startup Smartup is an educational platform for students to learn how to start their own business. For this project, we wanted to focus on keeping things simple and easy to use for people of all ages. By understanding the perception and psychology of the target audience, we can help guide the user.
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Bringing opportunities together

We gamified the product to make it more engaging for the user, thru achievements, levels, badges, and leaderboards. Additionally, we mapped the navigation in an easy to use format. The design is innovative: we wanted to move beyond the old grid-based website system and create a better, more modern experience for the user. By using responsive design that works across all platforms we made the platform accessible on all devices.
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The process

We struck a balance between simplicity and a strong visual language. With user-centric design as the priority, we surfaced the information that users want the most at every interaction. Knowing that our users are mainly young students, we chose to keep the site entertaining by adding quizzes, games, and videos to maximize user engagement.

The outcome

We are quite pleased with the outcome of Startup Smartup. The learning platform we developed is simple & elegant, fresh & modern, educational & engaging. After launching the redesigned platform, we saw many more school districts signing up for the service.

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