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Innovation perfected

Strategyn is a global innovation consulting firm. We wanted their innovative message to permeate the design and architecture of their web portal. We used new technologies such as Greensock in order to provide a modern experience for perspective clients. Their website was delivered on time and under budget. We were told later that the CEO loved our work and wanted to continue working with us on an ongoing basis. Their company messaging was clear, and their site worked perfectly on all devices.
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Focused on growth

Strategyn focuses on helping Fortune 500 companies innovate better without wasting money on products that the public doesn't want. They help their clients reach new markets and launch successful products and services. We helped them achieve a website as impressive as their company's reputation.
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Quality above all else

We delivered a high quality product that focus' on the details of the user experience. We crafted both the design and the development of this massive website. We still regard this project as one of our best success stories.

Measurable results

The client saw new project inquiries increase dramatically after the launch of the new website. The website met and exceeded the client's technical and design requirements. View the website to see our work.

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